Saturday, January 21, 2012

Media References Part III: Joel Schumacher Movies

As oppose to the other incarnations of the Batman mythology, Schumacher's Batman movies don't have many references or nods in media. Pretty much almost all the references are just mentions or posters/photograph in the background

* Batman Forever's Batmobile appeared in one of the Drew Carrey episodes

* Robot Chicken made 3 references to the movies. In "Half Assed Christmas Special" Snoopy dressed up as Batman and was constantly referred to as Val Kilmer. In "Dragon's Nuts", a maid discovers the entrance to the batcave

In "Piece of the Action" episode Joel Schumacher is shown trying to sneak out of the ComiCon. He then gets spotted, referred to as the biggest monster in history and lynched by Batman and scifi fans

* George Clooney's suit and Batman Forever's batmobile were used in 2011's movie Arthur

*In Brave and the Bold cartoon Batman tries on the suit from Batman & Robin stating its "too icky"

* Poison Ivy's pink monkey suits can be seen in the movie Big Fat Liar

Any interesting and worthy additions welcomed


  1. Must check that Robot Chicken show with Schumacher, sounds hilarious

  2. Arthurs suit looks like the Batman forever suit. B&R suit had a black bat symbol...

  3. It was dark blue to be exact (Schumacher began mixing in other colors starting with the Panther suit in Forever). But this IS Batman & Robin's suit, the giveaway is the symbol. It was painted yellow for the movie, but the symbol is from B&R. You can compare the symbols here

    Forever -
    B&R -

  4. The Forever Batmobile appeared in an episode of The Drew Carry Show.

  5. in an animaniacs episode Joel Schumacher is having dinner with Mr freeze and poison Ivy when dot suggests if she watches enough of his movies one of them is bound to be enjoyable lol!