Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ben Affleck's Batman and the Snyder Bat universe

In response to the countless questions about the updates on the blog with the additions of the new, so called Snyder verse - they are coming...eventually. The other entries in the blog took an insane amount of research and dedication. For example, the article on Joker took close to a year (about nine months), the articles on the various incarnations of Batman on the big screen took close to that, as I had to literally re-read every-single issue of Batman and his guest appearances in other comics ever published, not to mention dig around every piece of press ever written on the subject. 

Having a new onscreen incarnation of Batman is both unexpected and exciting to research on and write about since there's so much new material to sink the teeth in. However, I do not have the luxury of time as I did few years back when I actively contributed to the blog. Also, my knowledge of the Batman comics past 2008 is severely lacking, although this could be handled by my fellow co-writers.

But - it will happen, it just needs time, and lots of it. The Joker history article WILL be updated with Jared Leto's interpretation, and there WILL be a "Batman in the 2010's: Ben Affleck" article, but don't hold your breath just yet