Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Ben Affleck's Batman and the Snyder Bat universe

In response to the countless questions about the updates on the blog with the additions of the new, so called Snyder verse - they are coming...eventually. The other entries in the blog took an insane amount of research and dedication. For example, the article on Joker took close to a year (about nine months), the articles on the various incarnations of Batman on the big screen took close to that, as I had to literally re-read every-single issue of Batman and his guest appearances in other comics ever published, not to mention dig around every piece of press ever written on the subject. 

Having a new onscreen incarnation of Batman is both unexpected and exciting to research on and write about since there's so much new material to sink the teeth in. However, I do not have the luxury of time as I did few years back when I actively contributed to the blog. Also, my knowledge of the Batman comics past 2008 is severely lacking, although this could be handled by my fellow co-writers.

But - it will happen, it just needs time, and lots of it. The Joker history article WILL be updated with Jared Leto's interpretation, and there WILL be a "Batman in the 2010's: Ben Affleck" article, but don't hold your breath just yet


  1. Looking forward to the big comeback!

  2. I really dug this blog, and I missed it dearly so I'm grateful its coming back. Your articles are are very meticulously researched, and so replete of such insightful nuggets of Bat-history that its forthcoming return after nearly a five year hiatus is a welcomed.

  3. I would be reticent to label the new Bat-verse "The Snyder Bat-verse." Especially in lieu of the recent shake-up within Warner's. This isn't really Snyder's universe despite him being the original architect of it. Snyder's influence on the universe has been mitigated after the under-performance of BvS( both critically and commercially).

    I would suggest referring to it as just the "DCEU Bat-verse" from now on.

  4. Glad to see you back.

    Gothamstreets, by the way, what did you think of Leto's and Affleck's portrayal of Batman and Joker respectively? Where do they rank for you amongst actors who've portrayed them in the past?

    Did you like BvS and SS?

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  8. GothamStreets this is the list of articles that need to be updated:

    1. Batman's Physique( Affleck is without question the biggest, most physically suited actor to be cast in the role of Batman. For the first time ever an actor playing Batman is actually taller than their comic counterpart. Note: Affleck is 6'4 while comic book Batman is 6'2.

    2. How Old is Batman and The Joker?- Even though Leto looks considerably younger than Affleck he's actually older than him by a year or so.

    3. Their comments on others work- Snyder and Affleck have both said very positive things about the Nolan Batman trilogy with Snyder even saying the DCEU owes something to the Nolan films.

    4. A Night to Remember-BvS features a new depiction of the Wayne murders which it is clearly inspired by its depiction in Frank Miller's seminal and influential 'The Dark Knight Returns.'

    It's of interest to note that the official guidebook states that Batman in the DCEU does not know the identity of his parents killer. Which is unlike the previous Nolan version where he knew in his relatively younger years that it was Joe Chill.

    5. Killer Batman- the Batman in BvS is by far the most homicidal and brutal Batman ever depicted on film.

    6. Joker's complete history- Don't just include the Leto version. Include the Brave and The Bold and Young Justice cartoon ones as well.

    7. List of Changes in movies-Needs to be updated with Dark Knight Rises additions.

    8. The Common Core. Affleck's version needs to be added.

    9. Batman in the 2000s: Christian Bale( Needs to to be updated to include Dark Knight Rises material).

    10. Batman/Gordon relationship- This will have to be updated at some point because Gordon is in Justice League and there will obviously be a relationship between him and Batman depicted in that film, and future Batman films going forward.

    11. Utility Belts Overview-Needs to updated to include BvS Batman.

    12. Batman's voice- Unlike previous incarnations where Bruce willfully affects a different voice on his own, whether that be the ominous cold whisper of the Burton Batman to the rough growl of the Nolan version, Affleck is probably the first incarnation to explicitly use a voice modulator to alter his voice to be distinctive from his regular Bruce Wayne voice. The Begins handbook states that Bruce has a voice modulator installed in his called but its never mentioned in the Nolan films.

    Suggestions for new articles.

    1. The Complete history of Harley Quinn.

    2. The complete history of Robin-It's long overdue! Especially in the wake of Rises where we technically got a version of Robin(albeit a amalgamation of the three Robin's of the past).

    3. The complete history of Alfred- Also long overdue. From Micheal Gough to Micheal Caine, and now Jeremy Irons you have to do a Alfred article at some point.

    4. Gotham City on Paper and Screen- A overview of the printed and screen versions of Caped Crusaders iconic city similar to the Arkham Asylum on Paper and Screen.

    1. Thank you, will do when my schedule will get some break finally

  9. Is there any chance you will ever do the Gotham TV show?

    Because despite what the haters are saying by Gotham season 4, it is a really good show and by the end of season 3/start of 4 this show is really getting closer to it's comic book roots.

  10. I would be more than happy to assist as a fellow fan. That's a ton of work

  11. Please, update your blog, this is one of my fav sites about Batman.