Saturday, December 1, 2018

The End of Gotham Alleys

As many might have noticed, there has been no updates for a long time now. I started a research on Snyder-verse however my researches take such a long time I just won't be able to finish it now. I have way too much on my hand and as much as Id like to theres no way I could continue the blog with as much research and accuracy as I did before. If I can't give it 100% I don;t want to do it. For example, a research for certain articles such as History of Joker took nearly a year as it required me, along with some other articles, to carefully re-read every Batman issue since 1939. I'm not able to do that now. I will do one more post at some point which will feature my top 3 all time favorite Batman comics. Till then, thank you all for all your interest, praise and great comments


  1. Sorry to hear that you're leaving. I just discovered this blog recently, and have really enjoyed it.

    I've always been a big fan of the 89 Batman film, but after hearing people bash it constantly I was starting to question whether or not it really was a great Batman film. However, your articles have reaffirmed my love for that film. Now I know that it was meant to be an adaption of the Golden Age pre-Robin.

    Another criticism I've heard is that Burton didn't know anything about the comics. But again your articles proved that wrong. He even had lunch with Alan Moore to prepare for the film, which I never knew. If I ever hear someone put that film down again, I'm directing them to this site.

    You're research, and dedication is evident and appreciated. Thanks again for all the hard work over the years.

  2. And thank you for all the time and effort you've put into it.

  3. It's really amazong, I've always been blown away by your blog but hadn't vistied in a few years. Just by vhance, I happened upon it today, right after you made this update

    While it's sad to see it end, I totally understand how life gets in the way of these things. Best wishes to you, and thanks for the great content you've provided over the years